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🧹 Courtney Weber - The Morrigan 🌑

February 29, 2020

The Witches interview Courney Weber, author of The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might. We discuss the legends and myths surrounding The Morrigan, how she gets confused with other goddesses, how she was addressed in history, and how modern practices look and common misconceptions that persist. 

The Morrigan Book CoverCourtney Weber is an accomplished witch, tarot reader, and author and The Morrigan is her third book. She teaches classes and workshops, conducts extensive research, and provides tarot readings in person and through her website.

You can visit her website here: http://courtneyaweber.com/

You can buy The Morrigan here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PLP8NV2

You can find Courtney's Podcast, That Witch Life, here: https://thatwitchlife.com/

Additional Crew for this Episode

Matte Painter – Nicole Schalk
Visual Effects Editor – Stephanie Carrell
Telecine Colorist - Evelyn Elliot
Stunt Coordinator 
– Leah Patterson
Costume Standby - Rachel Erazo

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