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September 1, 2019

Apocalypse Now? Or...

The Witches Talk about the earthquakes that rumbled through California and how it got people all worked up about the End of Days. People were sure there would be more earthquakes and there was a chance California would finally fall into the ocean. (I think people get a little too excited about that...lol)

Obviously, it didn't happen but it gave the Witches an excuse to look at prophets from the past like Nostrodamus and Edgar Cayce and analyze their predictions about cataclysmic events. Listen to find out which ones held up and which ones didn't.


Mentions in this Episode:

Ditrium: Global Earthquake Forecast Network


Nostradamus' (Illlustre) (French Edition) (Amazon)



USGS: "Can the position of the moon or the planets affect seismicity? Are there more earthquakes in the morning/in the evening/at a certain time of the month?"

IFLS: "The Crack From Last Week’s California Quake Is Visible From Space"

Astrology of California

Forbes: "Can Sun And Moon Trigger Quakes On Earth?"



Additional Crew for this Episode:

Film Loader - Nicole Schalk 
Unit Still Photography - Stephanie Carrell 
Construction Coordinator - Trinity Lynne
Propmaster - Leah Patternson


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