We Witches Three

🎃Halloween Bonus Episode 👻 Live and Uncut Ghost Stories and Urban Legends 🦇

October 31, 2019

This episode is really live and uncut. We recorded it, I ate a ham sandwich and then I uploaded it. 

he Witches will be doing a LIVE video podcast about famous ghost stories and urban legends including La Llorena, The Lady in White, The Hitchhiker and the Hat Man. Plus, some of our Patrons will be sharing some of their own personal experiences with ghosts and inter-dimensional beings.
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Mentions in this Episode:


Additional Crew for this Episode:

Film Loader - Nicole Schalk

Unit Still Photography - Stephanie Carrell

Construction Coordinator - Trinity Lynne

Propmaster - Leah Patterson

Motion Control Technician - Gloria

Breakdown Artist - Jennifer L

Special Effects Supervisor - Annette Pederson

Telecine Colorist - Mari McRoberts


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